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Residential Demolition Services In Calgary

Residential demolition in Calgary is becoming a more popular service offered by Versatile Renovations’ licenced demolition professionals. Despite the fact that our team works with many residential clients, commercial demolition projects and retail units account for the majority of our work. However, in the domestic market, home improvements and renovations are becoming more common, and Versatile Renovations is here to assist you with your residential demolition needs.

Residential demolition requests typically come in for one of these three services, according to our experts at Versatile Renovations:

Residential Demolition Services (Selective Demolition)
Structural Demolition Services for Homes
Services for Junk Removal

The first step in every home improvement or update project is to remove the old to make room for the new. Our team at Versatile Renovations has produced a general guideline for you to follow when seeking for Calgary demolition services, whether it’s for a single piece, many elements, or even a full structure.

Service Guide for Residential Selective Demolition:

Is it time to spruce up your bathroom? Maybe you’re ready to throw your basement out the window and into the twenty-first century? If this is the type of restoration job your family is considering, you should look for residential selective demolition services.

These services entail the removal of a certain material from a given space. Carpet removal, hardwood floor removal, drywall removal, popcorn ceiling removal, tile removal, tub/sink/toilet removal, and other elements are commonly removed during this residential service.

This is the type of demolition service you should get from a local demolition business if you want to make cosmetic alterations to a space.

Service Guide for Residential Structural Demolition:

Is your fence beginning to bow? Is your garage in need of some TLC? If you want to demolish a structure on your land, you’ll need residential structural demolition services.

This service entails the demolition of a structure on your land. This could include smaller structures such as decks, fences, or retaining walls, as well as larger structures such as your garage or home.

This is the type of demolition service you should request from a local demolition business if you want to start from fresh.

Guide to Junk Removal Services:

Conduct you want to do some demolition work on your own? Perhaps you want to get rid of some old furniture or other clutter in your home. If this is the case, Versatile Renovations’ demolition services in Calgary can help. With our junk removal services, our team of skilled demolition specialists can assist you with all of your reduce, reuse, and recycle needs.

Are you ready to begin your next remodelling or renovation project? Use this guide to help you plan your next residential demolition project, or call us at 403-607-8751 for more information. We look forward to discussing the scope of your demolition project with you and providing demolition consultancy services if necessary.

Our Services Include

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The most common form of demolition is residential, residential demolition prepares the site for construction or development.

Demolition Services

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Excavating typically involves the removal of residential and industrial/commercial sites,  we are Calgary’s new choice in excavation.

Excavation Services

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Quick Trenching

We specialize in residential and commercial URD (Underground Residential Distribution) shallow utility construction for Calgary and outlying areas.

Quick Trenching Services

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Site Clean-Up

Lot clearing services include brush and tree removal, shredding/mowing, chipping/mulching, hand clearing, and stump disposal.

Site Clean-Up Services

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