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Remodelling a Bathroom

People frequently tell us that they desire a larger bathroom with more user-friendly amenities. Many people desire to update their bathrooms to include easier-to-clean surfaces. Make a list of your desires and prioritise them. Items at the top of the list should remain at the top of the list.

Feel secure about custom bath renovation that will appeal to a wide range of individuals or that can be readily changed in the future:

• Shower enclosures with glass or tile walls have a luxurious spa feel to them and will never go out of style. It is simple to make the shower entry accessible.
• Custom dual vanities are in high demand. Choose a beautiful, easy-to-clean countertop (little or no grout, resistant to stains).
• Shelving and built-in storage space help to make living easier. By putting bath storage on the wall, you may save floor space.

While most people concentrate on the plumbing fixtures and cabinetry in the bathroom, lighting and ventilation are frequently disregarded. If you want a clean, spacious, resort-style bathroom, consider adding additional windows, sunshine, recessed lighting, and fresh neutral colours to the mix.

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