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Knowing Excavation

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Excavation: What to Expect

Excavation companies remove existing concrete to make place for foundations, pools, extensions, and other new features. Large pieces of machinery will be tearing through your yard, and there will be a lot of heavy equipment on-site. Excavation takes far longer than trenching and is frequently more disruptive to your everyday routine. Demolition contractors will most likely be working near your house all day, producing a lot of noise.

Keep in mind that trenching is often done by a smaller group than what you’d see on an excavation job. The trench will also be deep enough to enable a sidewalk or other pedestrian feature, but digging that deep for foundations or pools is normally unneeded. Trenches are often significantly shallower than excavations, so they don’t require as much heavy gear or cause as much disruption to your everyday life.

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